HSC Result 2020 – Bangladesh Education Board with full Mark Sheet

HSC Result is a very important issue for all students who will take the HSC exam in 2020. In the meantime, the HSC Result 2020 has been announced by the Ministry of Education and according to the press conference of the Ministry of Education, the HSC Result 2020 will be published on 1 July 2021. Students will get this result on the education board’s website, institutions and they can also check the result via SMS.

For the benefit of all of you, we will mention here the details of the HSC Result 2020 BD, the results checking process, the publish date and many other things. So let’s get started.


Overview of HSC Exam 2020:

The Higher Secondary Certificate, known as HSC or Intermediate or + 2 Exam, is a public exam conducted by students of Intermediate College in many countries like Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. After ten years of schooling at the elementary and secondary level, students who pass the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination have the opportunity to attend college for two years to pursue higher education. After studying at the college for two years, they had to take part in a public examination by the Education Board called HSC exam.

HSC is an important test for all students in Bangladesh as it plays a huge impact on them to which sector they can promote themselves. After completing these steps, they become ready for the graduation exam and this is why the results of the HSC exam are very important.

This year the HSC exam will start on April 1, 2020. The theory test will continue until May 11, 2020, and then the practical examination will begin. Practical examination will run from May 12, 2020, to May 21, 2020.


How to Take Preparation for HSC Exam:

HSC Exam is very important for students and everyone wants to make good results on this exam. But lacking the right guideline, not everyone can achieve the desired result. To make a good result in the HSC exam, good preparation is needed and for this, we will give the HSC students some guidelines. If they can follow these guidelines, they can surely achieve the desired result.

Make a Daily Routine: To get the best results, first of all, try to create a daily routine that you need to adhere to well. Create a routine by setting aside a specific time each day for study and review. Try to start and end at the same time each day, which will help you to maintain some stability in your day. Make the routine so that you get enough sleep because sleep is very important for our body.

Create a Study Environment: Create a study environment that increases productivity. Do not study anywhere that distracts your attention. Set up your study space away from the TV and other distractions, and make sure the place is well-lit and ventilated to make you feel fresh and focused.

Smart Study: Never cram and always be prepared. Do not try to prepare the whole chapter or term in a day or two, but divide the ingredients into smaller pieces and finish them one by one.

Reward Yourself: Reward yourself for making yourself more interested in studying. Set a goal and set a specific time for that. If you can reach that goal in time, reward yourself because it will increase your interest in studying and working hard.

Make Some Variety in Your Study: Study different topics daily and do different tasks and modifications in each study session to keep it interesting.

hsc result 2020


Statistics of HSC Exam 2020:

According to Dhaka Education Board Chairman Ziaul Haque, a total of 1,351,505 students will take the exam in this year’s HSC exam. About 664,496 students are male and the rest female. 124,264 students from the technical board and 5,700 from the madrasa education board took the exam. Only 5 students participated in the DIBS board. There are a total of 2579 centers across the country and 275 centers abroad.

About 13 lakh students are taking part in the HSC exam every year, and their pass rate is close to 90% every year from all the groups of HSC and the trend is expected to continue. However, a higher pass percentage is expected from students this year than in previous years. The percentage of passes shows that most of the candidates are qualified and successfully passing the HSC exam every year.


System of Publishing HSC Result:

The Bangladesh Ministry of Education publishes the results of all public examinations through a precise arrangement. System-wise, all results will be published in the GPA format. THE total GPA is 5.00 which is defined as A +. If a student gets an 80%+ score on a subject, he/she will get a GPA of 5.00 for that subject. The total points will be added and divided by the total subject. For the forth subjects or optional subjects, the additional numbers above 2 will be added to the total points.

In addition to 2016, the Education Board’s websites have been publishing the HSC exam results as well as the marks of the student marks sheet separately. It has played a very helpful role in taking admission tests in various public universities.


How to Check HSC Result 2020:

You can check the HSC 2020 result by using different methods. Bangladesh Government publishes HSC Result through various means so that you will be able to see results in various ways without any problems. Here are some ways:

  • Education Board Results from official website
  • Web-based result publication system website
  • Mobile SMS
  • Mobile Apps

Check HSC Result 2020 from Eductionboardresults.gov.bd:

Educationboardresults.gov.bd is the first website where you will find the results of any public examination at the school and college level. No other website can give quicker results than the Education Board website. To view the result from this site, you must follow these steps:

  • Click on the “View Result” and select examination name as HSC or Alim
  • Here, you need to select the year as 2020 and then select the board name
  • Now, provide your Rool No, Registration Number
  • Click on the submit button and you will get your result

Web-Based HSC Result 2020 Publication System:

The web-based result publishing system is another great initiative of the Bangladesh Board of Education. The Education Board website requires the student to provide a registration number to view the HSC result. However here you can check the result without registering number. Another important information you can check the results of the company. You must enter the organization’s EIIN number to verify the organization’s results.

How to Check HSC Result 2020 Via Mobile SMS:

You can check your HSC result through mobile SMS. However, you will need to follow these steps.

  • At first, go to your mobile message option
  • Write, HSC (Space) first 3 letters of your Board like (BAR, CHI, DHA, RAJ, etc) (Space) roll number (Space) Passing Year. As an example, HSC CHI 2228752020
  • Now, send it to 16222
  • After a few moments, you will get the return SMS where you can get your result


Get HSC Result 2020 through Mobile Apps:

You can check the results through your smartphone app from the Google Play Store. You will find several apps in the Google Play Store that will allow you to check your HSC result. For this, you need to download the Play Store app. Then download the resulting app and check your result.


The HSC Exam is very important for the students as they will promote themselves in some sectors, depending on the results of this test. All students want to study in public universities with good results in this exam. But to get good results, a student must be aware of and focused on studying. For the benefit of all of you, we have outlined in this article everything about HSC Result 2020. We hope this small effort will help you all greatly.