Class 4 Assignment for 6th week all subject

Class 4 Assignment Solution/Answer

Today’s publication of Class 4 (Fourth) All Subject Assignment Solution has been made. This post contains the solution to all class 4 subjects. This solution is easy to download. This copy can be easily distributed to primary students in Bangladesh. Below is a copy of the first assignment for the week. 

Class 4 assignment subjects include English, Bangla, and Mathematics, as well as General Science, Bangladesh, Global, Islam, Moral Education, Hindhu Religious education, and Bangladesh.

Event Name: Assignment
Class:4 (Four)
Submit Date:2 May 2021
Starting Date:23 April 2021
Arrange By:Directory of Primary Education Board (DPE)

ক্লাস ফোর এর ৬ষ্ঠ সপ্তাহের অন্তবর্তীকালীন পরিকল্পনা ২০২১

Below is the Class 4 Assignment Work. Simply download the answer below and copy it to your assignment or home task paper.

Class 4 Assignmen work for 6th week video 

Assignment work for class 4 (four)

Class 4 Asignment work – Subject Bengali

English Assignment class four six week

  • How old is Sagor?
  • What is Sagor’s Mother?
  • What did Sultan set up for adults in Narail?
  • Where does Alvi live?
  • When did Alvi go to visit Chilmari?
  • Which is Alvi’s favorite fish?
  • Where is Sultan Mela held?
  • Who is the pilot?
  • Who is Alex
  • How old is Manik?
  • How old is Mina?
  • Where do you live?
  • How old is Bijoy?
  • Who is a homemaker?
  • Who is a government officer?
  • When does Alex start his day?
  • Where did Jenny go on holiday?
  • Where is Moly going on holiday?
  • Who is Babul?
  • Who was sleeping in the forest?
  • How were the teeth of the rat?
  • How does Rashma go to work?
  • Which Juice is Favourite to Alex?
  • Which Juice is favorite to Heba?
  • Where does Shihab live?
  • What is Manik’s Sister’s name?
  • What is Farha’s favorite sport?
  • When does Alex have his breakfast?
  • Who is Kajol’s new friend?
  • Who makes the best ‘Pithas’ in the world?
  • When does Sagor get up?
  • When does school start?Who was sleeping in the forest?
  • How many days are there in a week?
  • How old is Reshma?
  • What does Rashma do?
  • Which animal has a pocket?
  • How many months are there in a year?
  • Where was S. M. sultan born?

All assignments and solutions coming soon on this blog. Thanks

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